The Importance of Community

Although I've been to the Digital Project Manager Summit put on by the Bureau of Digital year after year, the most important thing I gain from attending the conference remains the same: the ability to connect with people like me.

Before attending the Summit, I had never before met anyone who did what I did. Like many DPMs, I fell into this career much ‘by accident,’ and it has been a fast-paced learning experience since the very first day. It has always felt a little bit lonely to be learning so much by myself and not have anyone to run ideas by or find solutions to problems with. I often longed for a DPM buddy to help me make sure that I’m not (too) crazy when I try to make a company-wide change, to learn from their unique experiences, and to commiserate with. That wish was met from the very first moment at the DPM Summit, and remains the most heartwarming and validating part of the DPM community.

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