Certifications & Training


Louder Than Ten Project Lead Apprenticeship

A year-long program for project managers and project leads, the Louder Than Ten apprenticeship breaks down every aspect of project management. The program taught me to think critically about team member needs, identifying and mitigating project risks and red flags, improving team estimation skills, building effective communication strategies, cultivating (and implementing) efficient team processes and so much more.

Completing this program (while managing a full PM workload) has given me a shiny new coat of confidence in my role as a digital project manager. The skills I have learned helped me to more effectively decrease scope creep, improve project budgeting, and increase project and team health in my organization. As a certified project lead, I champion my team towards a defined, aligned, and unified project finish.


Systems Practice: A Practical Approach to Move from Impossible to Impact

"Systems Practice is both a specific methodology, as will be defined in this course, and a more general approach to grappling with adaptive problems in complex environments with the aim of making enduring social change at scale. A systems practice helps answer three basic questions:

  • How does the environment within which you work operate as a complex, dynamic system?
  • How will your strategy engage the system in order to have highly leveraged impact?
  • How will you test your assumptions and hypotheses so you can learn and adapt effectively?

-Currently in training-