What do people say about working with Lina?

From team members

“Working on development projects with Lina is about respecting project boundaries. As a web developer, I need the space to think and focus on a build. Lina provides me with a structured timeline, management of client expectations, and the much needed breathing space for me to get my work done. I appreciate those clear boundaries and I always can't wait to collaborate with her on the next project .”

“Lina manages to remain cool and collected at all times. She is a clear and consistent communicator—keeping the team and clients aligned. During times when a project gets hectic, Lina does a great job providing order and clarity, which allowed me, as a designer, to keep focused on the creative product.”

“Lina is very proactive Project Manager and always makes sure there is good alignment between clients and developers by leveraging her servant leadership skills. As a great communicator, Lina always accounts for the full spectrum of details revolving around a task or project. Her amiable nature makes her fun to work with. She is a lively person with a great sense of humor and is very caring. She brings a positive impact on projects by thriving in keeping them on track and within budget.”

“Being a [project lead] is not an easy job. But Lina makes it look easy. Our clients are consistently happy with her communication skills. She works hard to keep our (sometimes) chaotic project schedule on task. Without Lina's assistance, it would be difficult to juggle/manage all aspects of every project.”

“Lina’s ability to not only juggle a multitude of projects but her proficiency to communicate effectively to internal staff and our clients is uncanny.”

“Coming back to a smaller agency after being in startups had me extremely worried – thinking I'd have to be Designer, Art Director, PM, Junior FED and Production Artist all at once. Then I was paired with Lina and the only job I had to do, surprisingly, was ... mine. She's made all the difference in not only a smooth transition from corporate, but to being able to breathe, create, and excel and I can't thank her enough for that peace of mind and space.”

From clients

“Working with Lina has been an absolute pleasure. Her intellectual and emotional intelligence, combined with her organizational ability and can-do attitude, make Lina an effective and empathetic Project Manager. We’re very lucky to have worked with her.”

”I was new to taking on technology projects when I started working with Lina. I would have been lost without her! She has helped us find the most efficient way to manage each project, answered all of my questions quickly, and explained the answers in a way that made it easy to understand and explain to my colleagues and clients. Beyond that, Lina is reliable, flexible and a joy to work with.”

“Lina brings an energy to project management that makes her a joy to work with.  Lina can be counted on to follow through and follow-up as projects progress, making the rest of our jobs easy!”

“Lina rocks! Working with her is awesome. She is very pleasant and easy to work with. She is probably the most polite person and the best listener I know. She always comes to meetings very well prepared and is very efficient. I highly recommend her.”

“As our primary contact during our project, Lina was an anchoring presence who kept the project on task: she took care of scheduling and leading meetings, managing the various teams involved, and communicating what we all needed from one another. She was organized, personable, and communicated well. Overall, working with Lina was a true pleasure.”